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IBM 5150

BIOS Manuals OS Drivers Utils
24 apr 1981 IBM 5150 hardware maintenance manual IBM PS DOS 1.0 Abatast Norton Commander
19 oct 1981 IBM 5150 hardware reference manual IBM PS DOS 1.10 ANSI driver Norton Utilties
27 oct 1982 IBM 5150 manual to operations IBM PS DOS 2.00 Mouse driver
IBM 5150 technical reference manual IBM PS DOS 2.1
IBM 5151 service manual IBM PS DOS 3.00
IBM monochrome display and printer adapter IBM PS DOS 3.1
IBM color/graphics monitor adapter IBM PS DOS 3.2

Service and upgrade information:
Mainboard jumper settings SW1
Mainboard jumper settings SW2
Overview of memory banks
POST errors codes
Pin orientation floppy drive
PSU pinout
Typical faults and how to fix

Videos of dismantling the IBM 5150

Port, IRQ and memory mapping information for LPT, COM, Gfx cards

List of IBM part numbers for peripherals

Optimized config.sys and autoexec.bat

List of 3rd party peripherals and modern equipment

║ Version │     Date    │   Link   ║
║    1    │ 24-apr-1981 │ download ║